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Renewables Global Futures Report
A pioneering publication by Eric Martinot on the range of credible possibilities for the future of renewable energy, based on crowd-sourced expert interviews and published scenarios. Includes energy shares, integration challenges, investment futures, market and technology projections, and coverage of local, national, and global levels. An easy and concise way to understand the future of renewables.


Renewables Global Status Report  
A unique and comprehensive synthesis by REN21 of the full renewable energy situation worldwide, in both developed and developing countries, including markets, investments, industry, policies, and rural energy. Published annually since 2005, this report has become an international standard.


Renewable Energy Basics and Practice  
For those new to renewable energy, this page provides links for learning about renewable energy basics, including a special section for young people. Also links to a number of books and websites for those looking to implement their own renewable energy project.


Renewable Energy Futures  
Scenarios, visions, and pathways for renewables globally and regionally, for the period to 2050, including visions for "100%" futures. Links to many of the recent scenarios, roadmaps, and other reports about renewable energy futures, plus an older but still valid 2007 synthesis paper by Eric Martinot.


Power Grid Integration--Towards a World Powered by Renewables

The integration of high shares of renewables, in particular variable wind and solar PV, poses a challenge for power grids and their operators. This page provides readings to understand this challenge and solutions, including demand response, energy storage, smart grids, electric vehicles, and flexible conventional generation.


Renewable Energy Policy References  
Links to a variety of databases, web sites and on-line publications describing and analyzing renewable energy policies around the world. Taken from Renewables Global Status Report and other sources.


City and Local Government Renewable Energy Policies and Initiatives
A unique 2011 report on city and local government policies for renewable energy around the world, based on a survey of 210 cities, including 40 city case descriptions. Also links to related organizations and some further reading.


Selected Publications, Reference Material, and Textbooks

Basic references on sustainable energy and environment, global energy statistics, multilateral agreements, energy futures, renewable energy markets, renewable energy technologies, and fuel-price risk. A number of these references are tagged as good textbooks for teaching about renewable energy.


Sources of Information  
Links to good sources of information about renewable energy, including magazines, journals, news sources, annual market and technology reports, and other web directories and sources.


Renewable Energy Financing  
In recent years, renewable energy investment has reached $250-300 billion annually. This page links to overviews of different financing instruments, as well as a variety of informative sources on renewable energy finance, investment trends, investment-oriented policy frameworks, developing countries, crowd-funding, and finance news sites.

Eric Martinot Publications

Renewable Energy Publications
Widely-read publications on renewable energy markets and policies worldwide, grid-integration of renewable energy, project experience and lessons in developing countries, and methods of assessing market development.

Other Publications
Historical publications on energy efficiency and international technology transfer for climate mitigation.

Pages Not Recently Updated

The following pages have not been recently updated. They serve as historical reference and may be made current again at some point in the future.


Renewable Energy in China  (Not Updated Since 2010--Update Pending)
Current market and policy information; the original Renewable Energy Law of 2005 that laid the basis for development since then; future renewable energy development targets; links to English-language reports and web sites; historical conference materials.


Organizations Engaged in Renewable Energy  (Not Updated Since 2010)
An extensive directory of organizations, including market facilitation organizations, international networks and partnerships, government and intergovernmental agencies, research centers, and university programs.


New Zealand's Renewable Energy Future  
Lectures by Eric Martinot during March 2009 about renewable energy for New Zealand and some recent references on future scenarios.


Careers in Clean Energy and Environment  (Check Out New IRENA IRELP)
A few items to help thinking about careers and some job bank links.

Archive Pages

The following pages have not been updated since 2004. They still contain much useful and timely material and are provided as archive pages. The Productive Uses page in particular continues to receive many visits due to the uniqueness of the material.

Productive Uses of Renewable Energy
References, analyses, and case studies of rural renewable energy for food production and processing, cottage industry, drinking water, education, health care, and community services.

Solar (and Sustainable) Cities
Case studies of city government policies and programs for renewable energy, along with topical links and references, organizations working on solar cities, and future visions and targets.

Market Indicators and References
Statistics for developing countries and world totals; world annual investment in renewable energy and existing replacement value; market-related references.

Case Studies of Renewable Energy
Sources/groups of case studies available on the web, GEF project and other selected case studies, and GEF project briefs. Mostly for developing countries and rural energy.

Supplementary Bibliography
Additional references on renewable energy markets and policies.

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